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Kemwell WeatherKem Fibre Cement Board

BBA certified A1 non-combustible Category A weather-proof rated building board for interior and exterior applications

BBA certified Kemwell WeatherKem is a non-combustible calcium silicate fibre cement board, combining weather, moisture and fire resistance properties with high impact strength and sound insulation. It is rated as a Category A board to BS EN 12467:2012+A2 2018 for applications where they may be subjected to heat, high moisture and severe frost.

Kemwell WeatherKem it is primarily used as an external sheathing board on both metal and timber structures of all types of façade solutions, including; residential, commercial and industrial buildings, as well as, schools and hospitals. It is especially suited to projects where quick construction, safety, cleanliness and hygiene are of high importance and is also ideal for use in interior areas of high humidity, like swimming pools, spas and wet rooms.

Kemwell WeatherKem Fibre Cement Board is designed specifically to meet the complex and stringent requirements of the building and construction industry, providing architects, developers, and contractors with adaptability and performance benefits to enable safe and innovative designs to be easily realised.

MultiKem MP-1000 Calcium Silicate Building Board

A1 non-combustible multi-purpose fire resistant building board for interior and semi-exposed applications

Kemwell MultiKem MP-1000 is an easy to install, non-combustible calcium silicate building board, combining fire, moisture and impact resistance with thermal insulation properties. It provides up to 120 minutes fire resistance.

kemwell board
kemwell fire board

It is a versatile and lightweight Class 0 board but has the required strength for a wide range fire passive fire protection projects, including internal partitions, ceilings and semi-exposed applications.

The boards have excellent dimensional stability under heat and in severe moisture environments, and are suitable for installation in damp and wet areas. In the building and construction industry lightweight structures are gaining wide spread recognition and acceptance against traditional brick and masonry. MultiKem MP-1000® partition systems provide solutions to meet most design criteria for lightweight walls and ceilings.

FireKem FP-900 High Performance Calcium Silicate Fire Protection Board

Kemwell FireKem FP-900 is an easy-to-install, clean and lightweight, non-combustible calcium silicate fire protection building board. It has multi-purpose applications and is commonly used for commercial and industrial building projects.

As a versatile Class 0 rated board, it is perfect for internal partitions, external walls, roofs, floors and ceilings, and is particularly suited for drywall construction applications. The inherent alkalinity of the board makes it anti-bacterial, meaning it is suitable for use in conditions where hygiene is of concern, such as in hospitals or food-preparation areas. It provides superior fire resistance performance and excellent dimensional stability under heat and severe moisture environments making it an ideal choice for a variety of projects.